Sandwiched: Multi- Generational Wealth Plan:
by Glenn Allen & Sajjad Hussain

If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are a baby boomer and likely familiar with the makeup of this sandwich. Take one slice of helping children either finish school or get started in their adult lives. Take another slice of increasing responsibilities for your parents’ daily care. Now, add a dollop of potentially financially supporting their long-term care needs. Then, there is you—right in the middle. This may be your peak period of responsibility with the greatest demands on your time and resources. You are on the frontline of the sandwich generation.

This reality makes it challenging to achieve a well-balanced life financially and otherwise. It may seem impossible to have enough time to meet all obligations and have the room and freedom to enjoy yourself. However, experience tells us it is entirely possible with a proper plan and the right team of professionals working with you and your family.

We know not all plans are created equal. For over 27 years, we have been perfecting our Multi- Generational Wealth Plan, which addresses the needs and wishes of families who have built success as business owners, professionals or corporate executives. Today, some client relationships are already four generations deep. Continuity and understanding are fundamental to such longevity.

Our Multi-Generational Wealth Plan factors in all financial assets and investments related to your goals, along with family dynamics. Such comprehensive planning requires the coordinated efforts of experienced money managers, financial planners, tax specialists, legal professionals, and often other professionals specializing in insurance, business valuation and estate planning. Many situations demand sophistication in working with items such as pension plans or stock options. We bring these disparate pieces together as part of a common master plan, making it easier to identify and reach for what is possible. Life can be more organized, balanced and purposeful.

Today, many financial firms focus largely on their products and services. Advice is often a rationalization of why a product or money management style is a good solution for you. In our view, that should not pass for a plan. We believe multi- generational wealth considerations need to be managed in an open, non-proprietary and unbiased environment. This allows for the best combination of planning and money management by professionals who know your needs and circumstances. We believe this should be done using the most modern technology, making the best use of your time and helping you stay on track toward your goals.

We cannot change your place in history, but we can help ease the pressure of living in the middle of two generations. Talk to us about Multi-Generational Wealth Planning. Working with over 500 families spanning four generations, it has been the cornerstone of our business for nearly three decades.

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